Act 6: Trans|Mall

My Major Design Project began with an interest in understanding the relationship between mobility, enterprise and infrastructure.
I identified Noord Street as my research site and developed an understanding of the site through a series of qualitative interviews and documented my experience of site through video footage, photography and a lexicon of enterprises, infrastructures and forms of mobility.


Cards from the Lexicon


In the model series I began to try and develop an ordering device whereby I started to understand the relationships between these three components.


Site Model


Ordering Devices


What I came to understand about this site is that it is a transitory space through which people move at high volumes. As a result of the transport infrastructure which is Park station and the Wanderers taxi rank.

As a Response:
I identified the Rea Vaya bus stations in a first semester project as dormant/underutilised state infrastructure which are potentially the catalysts for transit orientated design.
Employing the ideas of Transit orientated design and lessons learnt from Noord I developed a proposal series ordered by Programmed spaces, Phased Development, and Experience.

20161107 Unit14 - StudentPortfolio_Semester Two_Final.indd

Existing Condition

My scheme suggests that over a period of time State-aided development could occur around the Rapid bus system- Phase 1: occupation of unused spaces on the ground level- establishing the street scape.

20161107 Unit14 - StudentPortfolio_Semester Two_Final.indd

Phase 1

Phase 2: bridging the facades at the next level and providing services for the users of the Rea Vaya.

20161107 Unit14 - StudentPortfolio_Semester Two_Final.indd

Phase 2

Phase 3: the resultant mixed use high density occupation of the precinct.

20161107 Unit14 - StudentPortfolio_Semester Two_Final.indd

Phase 3



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