Act 5: Manifesting Narratives

This four-week long project aimed to synthesis our architectural thinking, translation and resolution skills.

The primary aim of this studio is to test the potential for a narrative, a story, a voice to have architectural consequence.

Tanya Zack and Mark Lewis are producing a series of 10 books titled ‘Wake up, this is Joburg’ which documents the extraordinary lives of 10 denizens of this City today. We focussed on S’kop which revolves around the bovine practices in Johannesburg.

The themes identified in the reading of S’kop were those of Landscape, Atmosphere, Interdependencies, Lives and Infrastructure.

I represented them as follows:

20160503 Landscape


20160503 Atmosphere


20160503 Interdependencies2


20160503 Lives


20160503 Infrastructure



In the next Act I produced an architectural proposal that illustrated how I realised a bovine enterprise in Johannesburg’s Ethiopian Quarter.


20160619 Section.jpg

Experiential Section

This video is a documentation of my field work in Johannesburg’s Inner City, the aim of which was to investigate the role of fire in an urban setting.



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