Act 3: Part 3- Ivory Park

Ivory Park Exhibited

20160404 Intro

Ivory Park: An Introduction

20160404 Pre Post

Pre 1994; Present Day; Post 1994 Conditions


20160404 Spatial Enterprise

Spatial Enterprise

20160404 Portraits.jpg

Portraits of Lives

20160404 Agency

Mapping Agency

Our video on the Sense of Place:


Ivory Park was one of the sites identified to understand how a Johannesburg township functions.

As a group we had identified Masakhane Street, the extent between 29 September- and June 16 streets, as our site. We interrogated the street condition in terms of how people occupy the pavement and street edges and how they create their enterprises within the space.

Intrinsic to the understanding of Ivory Park is the awareness of these unlimited connections between the many different business owners; pedestrians and residents of Masakhane Street. People are connected by background; their shared space on the pavement; the way in which they share resources, amongst many other factors. We set out to map these connections, which we had discovered through interviewing a variety of people.


GSA_Unit 14 Review #1


Presenting Act 1

The showcasing of our collection of works for the First Term was held at 280 Fox street, Maboneng, on the 24th March 2016.

We presented our individual projects in a 10 minute presentation, followed by the presentation of our group work exercise.

The exhibition highlighted our strengths and weaknesses in terms of representation style and quality, as well as our ability to articulate our thinking through dialogue.


For more pictures of the exhibition, please view link here:



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