Act 2.2: Su Casa

Sheet 5

Star Gazing Periscope

The GSA Unit 14 Su Casa project is a follow up to the Mi Casa project, which delved into our understanding of the Home.

For the Su Casa project, we adopted a colleague’s home in an attempt to redefine it to our own use.

My approach to the project was to draw inspiration from what my colleague deemed important to his home.

In this case, the stair case landing.

What I attempted to do was redefine what the landing could be and how it could be used to solve a potential issue in my circumstance.

I spent many a moment contemplating where I could see the stars in Johannesburg, as the view from my window is devoid of them.

Sheet 3

The view from my window

Thus the staircase landing, became a star-gazing platform and periscope, from which to observe these celestial beings.

Through a study of how planar elements are used in buildings around our campus, I derived the form of the periscope.

Sheet 4

The study of planar elements in the built environment


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